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Apply for a 3-Week MEIP Trial, Rs.2100 @just Rs.297/- for a Limited Time
(You can upgrade to the full internship after 3 weeks if you like it)

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Who Can Apply for this Internship (MEIP)?


✅ Students

✅ Graduates

✅ Creative People

✅ Professionals

✅ Parents

✅ Home Makers

And, every pencil art enthusiast, who is struggling to achieve realism in their artwork and wants proper guidance, support and a like-minded community that appreciates their work, can apply for MEIP!

Artworks by our Current Students


What is included in the full Internship?

(to become a Hyper-Realistic Artist in the fastest & easiest way)

This internship consists of 16 easy implementation weeks as follows

Week - 1


Basic Exercises

Improve your hand-eye coordination, your line work and open up your arm range with basic drills in Week 1 (Basic Exercises).

Week - 2


Linear Gradiation

In Week 2, learn freehand outline drawing, linear shading & background drawing with a white flower (linear gradiation).

Week - 3


Still Life Composition

In Week 3, learn how to create realistic background shading & freehand outlines, & how to turn simple objects into realistic still-life artwork.

Week - 4


Texture & Surface Study

Explore different textures & surfaces in Week 4 (Texture and Surface Studies), and learn the process of creating them realistically.

Week - 5


Drapery Study

In Week 5, explore drapery by freehand drawing, exploring the charcoal medium, and creating realistic clothing (a shirt & a pant).

Week - 6 & 7


Portrait Drawing

In Weeks 6 and 7, learn the grid method of creating facial features and finish creating your first realistic human portrait (Allu Arjun).

Week - 8


Realistic Sphere Study

In week 8, explore glass and glossy surfaces and create them realistically. Plus, learn how to shade realistic shadows.

Week - 9


Realistic Object - 1

In week 9, learn the process of shading a realistic steel effect by creating a realistic object that is a sharpener.

Week - 10


Realistic Object - 2

In Week 10, learn a steel-like effect by creating a steel glass with freehand outline drawing and realistic shading.

Week - 11


Hyper Realistic Fruit

In week 11, draw a freehand hyper-realistic fruit that is cherry. Plus, learn how to create hyper-realistic water drops using the Highlighting tool.

Week - 12


Hyper Realistic Animal

In Week 12, learn the grid & indenting method. Plus, learn how to create realistic fur/hair effects & create a mesmerizing hyper-realistic animal.

Week - 13


Hyper Realistic Body Part

In week 13, learn how to outline using the tracing method. Plus, learn hyper-realistic shading and monochromatic dark shades to create fluid effects.

Week - 14 & 15


Hyper Realistic Portrait

In Weeks 14 & 15, explore the tracing method, create hyper realistic skin textures, learn how to portray hyper realistic portrait & background.

Week - 16


Bonus Week

Evaluate yourself at week 16 and see how you are progressing. Put 15 weeks of learning into practice, and create a masterpiece of your own.

There are ₹35000 worth of Learnings inside full MEIP

  • The world's first & only transformative internship in pencil art
  • The 16-Week Journey From Very Basic to Hyper-Realistic Portrait
  • 35+ hours of real-time Pre-recorded video lessons
  • Everything is fully practical with a systematic structure
  • You have 2 years of access to it so you can learn and repeat it unlimited times for 2 years
  • Guaranteed cashback if students complete it in 16 weeks.
  • Graduation Certificate for All.

Get a 3-week trial Rs.2100 @just Rs.297
(You can upgrade to the full internship after 3 weeks if you like it)

 Limited Time Only 

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7 Exclusive Bonuses (worth ₹20000)​

These are fast-action bonuses. You will get these only if you enroll before timer hits zero.


(1) Cartoon Animation - eBook

  • check_circleLearn cartoon drawing techniques
  • check_circleLearn animation cartoon characters
  • check_circleWorth ₹1200

(2) Pencil Shading - eBook

  • check_circleA guide to learning pencil shading
  • check_circleIt helps beginner artists in pencil shading
  • check_circleWorth ₹800

(3) Realistic Drawing - eBook

  • check_circleLearn the elements of realistic drawing
  • check_circleConvert your normal drawing into a realistic one
  • check_circleWorth ₹1000

(4) 365 Days Practice Kit

  • check_circlePersonalized practice images for each topic of MEIP
  • check_circleHelps you to become an expert in every subject of MEIP
  • check_circleWorth ₹1000

(5) 24x7 VIP Group Support

  • check_circleLifetime access to VIP Groups of like-minded artists
  • check_circleSubmit your daily artwork, get feedback & improve
  • check_circleWorth ₹6000

(6) Weekly LIVE Q&A

  • check_circleLive doubt solving sessions every week
  • check_circleTalk to me live to get practical solutions to your queries
  • check_circleWorth ₹7000

(7) 100 ArtVala Careers - eBook

  • check_circle100 different types of creative careers to choose from
  • check_circleWith brief description and scope in next 10 years
  • check_circleWorth ₹3000

Meet Your Coach
Pravin Malaviya (ArtByPravin)

  • 7-Figure Hyper Realistic Matita Artist, Charcoal Artist, Pencil Color Artist, Oil Pastel Artist and Oil Painting Artist since last 7 years.
  • Co-founder of ArtVala & Creator of Matita Mastery - One of the World's Fastest & Easiest Pencil Art Techniques.
  • Helps People become a "Professional Artist", in No Time.
  • Trained 12000+ Students with his Matita Mastery Techniques.




Students through Live Workshops (Paid)



Hyper-Realistic Artists through Courses



Years as a Professional Artist & Coach

Why Should I TRUST You?

Bcz You're not the 1st. There are 1000+ Students who have taken it & become a Hyper-Realistic Artist in just 4 Months.
See what some of our Rising Artists say...

Get a 3-week trial Rs.2100 @just Rs.297
(You can upgrade to the full internship after 3 weeks if you like it)

 Limited Time Only 

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Only Action Takers Win

View daily artworks submitted by our students in VIP groups for valuable feedback. (24x7 Support in Expert Art Community)
Experience Guaranteed Artistic Growth in No Time!


Highly Rated, 4.7/5 ⭐Stars⭐


Read Amazing Reviews from our Students.

Get a 3-week trial Rs.2100 @just Rs.297
(You can upgrade to the full internship after 3 weeks if you like it)

 Limited Time Only 

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If students make persistent efforts & don't delay and complete full MEIP within 4 months of their enrollment date.


Graduation Certificate

After successful completion of the full MEIP, a graduation certificate will be awarded.


Set Your Dream Income Goal

by Strengthening your Art Skills with ArtbyPravin

Would You Like To See Your Bank Account Like This?​​

Get a 3-week trial:
Rs.2100 @just Rs.297 for a Limited Time
(You can upgrade to the full internship after 3 weeks if you like it)



I am confident that I have the ability to provide you with the best learning experience ever. That's why I offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with it in any way, just let me know and I will give you a full refund.

It's NOT for those 99%...

(Choose wisely for a prosperous artistic future...)

Choice #1

  • Just leave this page and put yourself through trial-error again.
  • Put yourself among the 99% of aspiring artists with a victim mentality.
  • Keep struggling in the same cycle for years.
  • Forgot the value of your time and again ran after money.
  • Maintain negative atmosphere around you.

Choice #2

  • Value your time and avoid trial-error in this competitive era.
  • Follow a proven path to reach your goals faster.
  • Be part of the top 1% and leave the 99% behind.
  • Join a community of like-minded artists who want to see you succeed.
  • Become a hyperrealist artist in just 4 months like our other students. It's GUARANTEED.

If it makes sense then I'll be your vehicle to achieve it. So don't wait even a moment & Go ahead.

Still, Have Questions? - Look Here

1. Will it be live or pre-recorded?

Great question. This is a Long-term Program. That's why it's Pre-recorded. But the content is recorded second by second in real time. You can learn anytime, anywhere at your convenience. The Q&A sessions will be live.

2. Will I get lifetime access to the MEIP?

Remember that if there is lifetime access then there is delay. So, no, you don't get lifetime access to the program. But I understand, you want some more time to absorb the learnings, so you have 2 years to catch up.

3. Who can apply for this Internship (MEIP)?

Any aspiring artist can join in. This includes but is not limited to, students, graduates, parents, professionals, entrepreneurs, homemakers, and all.

4. What are the basic requirements?

You need a PC/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile with the internet. Plus, some basic art materials. 4 to 5 hours per week to complete it in 4 months. Last but not least, commitment & discipline.

5. Is the cashback real or any coupons?

Yes, if you complete the entire internship within 120 days (16 weeks) of your enrollment date, the cashback is actual cash deposited directly into your bank account.

6. What will I get from this Internship?

Firstly, you will have your own collection of 15+ artifacts. Plus, guaranteed* cashback. Lifetime access to the VIP Groups. Internship Certificate. You can start earning using this skill.

7. What sets you apart from other art coach?

I provide the world's first and only internship-based hands-on education in pencil art and give cashback to students for learning the art. My Matita Mastery Techniques ensure that you can become a hyper-realistic artist in minimal time.

8. How do I get started with MEIP?

Take the 1st step of enrollment by clicking the button below. Apply the coupon code and fill in your details at checkout. Make Payment. After successful payment, you will get your ID-Password to log in (check your registered email inbox including spam & promotion folder). Just log in to & there you will get a MEIP. So just open it in your chosen language & get started.


Are you ready to become

A Professional Pencil Artist in just 4 Months like our 1000+ Students?

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